Renier has more than 35 years of experience designing and building pre-engineered steel buildings.

Pre-Engineered Building Systems

A nationally recognized pre-engineered steel building (PEMB) contractor, Renier has designed and built pre-engineered metal buildings over the past 42 years with strong client satisfaction levels.

Renier Construction has designed and built pre-engineered steel buildings for clients with excellent results. The pre-engineered steel building can decrease construction time by up to 30%, reduce costs, reduce maintenance expenses, and improve energy efficiency.  If expansion is a possibility in the future, the process is simple with pre-engineered steel buildings. You’ll have one point of contact with Renier, providing accountability and transparency, seamless communication, and a job that comes reliably within deadlines and budgets.

Renier Construction was awarded a Twenty Five Million Award by the Butler Club.

Design Flexibility

Renier has the capability to offer virtually unlimited flexibility when it comes to building design.

Time and Cost Effective

Pre-engineered steel building solutions can reduce construction time by up to 30%. The computer-designed steel building system simplifies the construction process, which saves money and allows you to take occupancy sooner.

Energy Efficient

Renier offers a range of energy-efficent roof and wall systems that can achieve thermal efficiency ratings of R-40 or more.

LEED Certification

Renier pre-engineered steel building systems and LEED accredited personnel can support sustainability goals.

Expansion Capability

Expansion capability is particularly important when planning a commercial building. Renier's pre-engineered steel building systems allow for business growth.

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To determine if a pre-engineered steel building is a solution for your next project, contact a team member at Renier at 614-866-4580.