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Pre-Engineered Building Systems

Where Metal Structure Meets Flexible Design

Pre-Engineered Building Systems

Renier Construction has designed and built pre-engineered metal buildings for clients for over 43 years. Our team is experienced in self-performing some of the most complex pre-engineered solutions. With our ability to build to spec or design-build, we’re able to provide the total package for your project.

We have erected over 15,000,000 square feet of pre-engineered metal buildings. You will be hiring a team that has the experience to get your project built right.

With our expertise, we know the value of employing the best metal building products and systems to bring value to our clients based on individual project needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple building solution, a retrofit roof, or a multi-building complex, Renier is here to bring your vision to life.

Design Flexibility

Pre-Engineered Buildings to Your Specifications

Renier has the capability to offer virtually unlimited flexibility when it comes to building design. Not sure if you’ll need expansions down the road? We can do that. Still trying to figure out how much space you’ll need? No problem.

We work with you to find exactly what it is that you need to succeed. With the ability to tailor your building to your exact needs, the sky’s the limit. We’re to help you reach it.

Time and Cost Effective

Always on Time and on Budget

Pre-engineered steel building solutions can reduce construction time by up to 30%. The computer-designed steel building system simplifies the construction process, which saves money and allows you to take occupancy sooner.

Energy Efficient

Keeping Your Energy in, Not Out

Renier offers a range of energy-efficient roof and wall systems that can achieve thermal efficiency ratings of R-40 or more.

LEED Certification

Environmental Mindfulness

Renier pre-engineered steel building systems and LEED accredited personnel can support sustainability goals.

Expansion Capability

Creating a Future Has Never Been Easier

Expansion capability is particularly important when planning a commercial building. Renier’s pre-engineered steel building systems allow for business growth.