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Dayton Freight – Council Bluffs

Dayton Freight – Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs, Iowa

The Dayton Freight Council Bluffs, IA project is complete! The terminal and offices were a new build and completed in just 10 short months! The facility is 23,000 square feet with 17,000 square feet of truck docks and 6,000 square feet of office space for the Dayton Freight team.

The facility was needed to better serve a growing area. Dayton Freight was leasing space in Omaha that was limited in capacity. The new space more than doubled its capacity and saved them money in the long run.

The space was designed and constructed to easily expand to a 62 dock doors facility when needed. (Yes 62!) It also includes a fuel island as well as concrete pavement for longevity and to support the traffic the facility will see. Because of this, the facilties required quite the load of concrete. We poured 4,400 cu yds of concrete – complete with rebar to support the weight of the trucks. Fun fact, one concrete truck carries 10 cu yds - so it took about 440 trucks to deliver all of the concrete!

The winters in the area are brutal so we needed to phase the concrete but clearly could not pour concrete over winter. Therefore, we stabilized the subgrade on the property to protect the stone base through the winter prior to pouring the concrete the following spring. This allowed for the subgrade to remain stable through the multiple freeze/thaws which saved having to restabilize it again in the spring prior to the concrete pour. This innovative approach saved both time and money and not only additional costs (especially with the ever-increasing materials costs), but also the additional time which the restabilization would add to the completion schedule. Another project completed – on time and on budget!