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Why Renier?

Integrity Builds

Why Renier?

When Bill Heifner founded Renier Construction in 1980, he was guided by three lessons his father taught him. Those lessons—telling the truth, living up to your promises, and admitting to and fixing your mistakes—became the foundations for how Renier partners with our clients.

Today, Brian Reynolds leads Renier with Integrity as our foundation, the blueprint that guides us through each project and process. It’s no secret that “Integrity” has themed our company culture since the beginning. We’re an optimized, experienced, and trustworthy team working to exceed expectations and facility goals through our design-build delivery process.

Why Renier?
Bill Heifner
Founder and Chairman
Our Core Values

With Integrity

Our clients can expect to be treated as we would want to be treated. Each and every employee at Renier exemplifies our core value—Integrity—it’s just the way we operate. Our industry faces many challenges in the coming years and our team continues to handle them with the level of integrity and strength to match that of which we’ve built the business. In fact, we attribute that to why most of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals of those who have experienced “The Renier Way.” It’s also why our clients and customers become friends.

Why Renier?
Brian Reynolds
President & CEO

Driven by Excellence

Renier operates by one true, defining quality - Integrity. We believe that this is the bedrock of our success and the reason we continue to be able to call our clients friends. Our President & CEO, Brian Reynolds, put this fundamental principle into perspective:

“As Renier Construction continues to grow, I think about the qualities that have gotten us this far. If I were to ask our team what one word, they would think of to describe Renier Construction I have no doubt that most, if not all would say “Integrity.” Integrity is written on the wall of our office, it’s on the back of our business cards, its embroidered on the sleeves of our Renier shirts. Integrity is the foundation of who we are, what we do, and most importantly, how we do it. Bill Heifner describes Integrity as “Always doing the right thing… even when no one is watching.” I would add to that, it’s always doing the right thing even when the wrong thing is easier, faster or cheaper. Integrity shapes our identity and guides our actions. Integrity is the bedrock upon which Renier is built and continues to grow.

We believe in honesty, transparency, and ethical practices in every project we design and build and it’s our commitment to Integrity in our daily work and interactions that ensures that we are always building trust with our clients, partners, and the community. Integrity builds relationships and Relationships Matter! Building strong relationships is not just a part of our job – it’s a fundamental value. We understand that long-lasting, some now multi-generational, relationships are the cornerstone of our success. Relationships that become authentic friendships. Every interaction and every project is an opportunity to foster relationships based on respect, understanding, and collaboration. Our friends know that we are always willing to Help First and we are wired to be of service to others.

From the initial design process through construction and beyond our approach (“The Renier Way”) is rooted in a “Help First” mentality. We are here to serve our clients, partners, and each other in the best possible way. When challenges arise, we don’t shy away; we step up and find solutions, putting the needs of others before our own. It’s how we are wired, it’s in our DNA. When a polar vortex surged in last Christmas Eve and sprinkler pipes and water lines across town exploded and instantly froze-over, our friends know who to call. Our friends also know that we will hop on an airplane to fly to a zoning meeting for their project 4 states away from home on any given weeknight. I see help first in action every day inside the office and in the field with the way we work together. Helping first is not just a motto; it’s a reflection of our dedication to building a better community and a stronger industry through our constant pursuit of excellence.

Excellence is not an option for us; it’s a mandate that drives every aspect of our work. We are fueled by a desire to deliver projects that not only meet; but exceed expectations, pushing the boundaries of quality and innovation. Being “Driven by Excellence” requires an open mind. It means continuous learning, improving and adapting to the latest industry standards. It means leading by example, clearly communicating our expectations and never settling for less. It’s finding new ways to clear the hurdles we face with material and labor. It’s going to extra degree. Excellence means holding others to the same high standards that we set for ourselves.

Built on a foundation of Integrity, focused on building relationships with a help first attitude, and driven by excellence defines who we are at Renier."

Why Renier?

Future Focused

Our reputation is built on client satisfaction. Ensuring our clients’ needs and expectations are met is of the utmost importance. But more than that, we strive to exceed expectations with every interaction. Truly, our goal is to leave every person in the room knowing that Renier acts with the best of intentions and the desire to create another positive relationship. The relationships we have developed have transcended generations. THAT is something we’re REALLY proud of!

We have testimonials that tell the story of what it’s like to work with the team at Renier and we also have an A+ BBB record that reflects zero complaints in over 43 years of doing business.

Our Manifesto
We are committed to performance, not excuses.
We are committed to being safe, on time and on budget, not most of the time, but always.
We are committed to quality construction, at a very personal level, as a reflection of the company and all of the Renier associates.
We are committed to the Design-Build Partnering approach as the best possible way to provide the highest quality at the lowest possible cost.
We are committed to turning our business relationships into personal friendships, which demands performance at the highest level.
We expect the best from our trade contractors and demand that they perform at the same high standards we set for ourselves.
We will not accept late, over-budget, lack of communication or poor quality; and set our goal at making the building experience at Renier more than satisfactory. We expect it to be rewarding and enjoyable.
Why Renier?

While Renier Construction was on our project, I learned very quickly that their philosophy goes right down through their entire staff and crew.

Jennifer Johns
President, Mid West Fabricating Company