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Dayton Freight – Sturtevant

Dayton Freight – Sturtevant
Sturtevant, Wisconsin
Square Footage

Renier Construction has completed its 65th major project for Dayton Freight Lines. This newest build consisted of a maintenance building as well as a freight terminal in Sturtevant, Wisconsin.

The terminal will support Dayton Freight Lines growth in the Milwaukee/Sturtevant area. The 129-door cross dock building sits on a 33-acre site and totals 111,000 square feet with 28,000 sq. ft dedicated to maintenance. The terminal alone will have approximately 700 trucks pass through in one week. The maintenance building features a truck wash, an enclosed fuel island and four bays that can service eight tractors or four trailers at one time.

Because there was another large project going on near this site, Renier needed to work with the state, county and local municipalities more than usual to ensure proper support was provided to the facility.

The Renier team showcased their ability to build a sound facility in almost any location at any time of year. This location required wetland remediation and mitigation which was approved in November, just as winter was hitting. The Renier team worked to stabilize the site and begin the build, which took one year and three months to complete.