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Solar Power



Renier Construction pursues advancement of technological innovation wherever possible, and utilizing solar power through Nucor PowerShingle® in our projects and builds is an environmentally friendly service that we are proud to offer. We are the sole provider of this 100% American-made product in Central Ohio.

Industry-Leading Performance

Beautiful, Natural Light

With translucent panels that capture light from above and also reflect light from below for maximum sunlight acquisition, Nucor PowerShingle® produces nearly 1 MW per 60,000 square feet of power.

Naturally Shed Water

Maximize Energy Production with No Roof Leakage

PowerShingle® works as the roof of your building or facility, and is built with a unique water-shed design that eliminates roof leakage as dirty water is pushed to rain gutters instead of coming through gaps or spaces in the panels. It is completely customizable and can be tailored to your needs.

Built to Last

Costly Sub-Roofing is Eliminated

In addition, PowerShingle® utilizes a system that does not require a sub-roof, reducing the cost to the customer and minimizing additional build time.