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Wetzel Chevrolet

Wetzel Chevrolet
Richmond, Indiana
Square Footage

Nick Wetzel knew that renovating an outdated Hyundai dealership into a state-of-the-art Chevrolet facility in only five months was no easy task, but thanks to raving referrals from colleagues, Nick was introduced to a company that could get the job done – Renier Construction.

Renier was tasked with updating the 15,000 square-foot building to meet modern Chevrolet standards while keeping the dealership operational. Fortunately, Renier had the experience necessary.

“They had experience with the manufacturers we represent, so Renier knew what they were looking for,” said Nick. “Renier knows what they’re doing. We had confidence in them – in every step from planning to finish.”

Combining their experience with open lines of communication is what made the project successful, according to Wetzel.

“They’re a stand-up group of people that communicate well and live up to representations they make,” said Nick. “I wouldn’t hesitate to use them on anything in the future.”