Renier's Design-Build process allows for improved quality and controlled costs, faster project delivery and reduced risk,

Design-Build Partnering

The design-build process is proven to provide the most value for the building owner's investment. That's why Renier has engaged exclusively in commercial and industrial design-build projects since 1999. Every customer attests to the benefits of working with a design-build construction company, especially faster project delivery, accountability, transparency, improved quality, and controlled cost.

Case Study: Audi

By utilizing Renier's Design-Build process, Audi was able to build a new facility for less than the original estimate.

When Audi mandated its dealers upgrade their showrooms to a corporate-designed facility, Cascade Audi of Cuyahoga Falls felt they would need to demolish the existing facility, which also housed their detail and new vehicle prep operations. "I felt I would have to build a new detail facility, and do it before the demolition of the current building could begin," said Michelle Primm, Managing Partner. The estimated cost of demolition and constructing the new showroom and detailing facilities exceeded $4.5 million.

Contiguous to the dealer's property was a vacant parcel of land. Renier suggested the dealer investigate acquiring the land for the new Audi showroom. "It was a brilliant idea that I hadn't considered," said Primm. She successfully purchased the land where Renier constructed the new showroom. The original showroom with the detailing facility was renovated by Renier. The net results:

  1. Total project including the purchase price of the land was less than the original $4.5 million estimate.
  2. The dealer received a 10-year, 50% real estate tax abatement for utilizing and improving the new parcel of land.
  3. The new property accommodates additional vehicle storage that was needed.
  4. Renier repurposed the existing Audi showroom into a high end pre-owned vehicle showroom.
  5. At the rear of the newly acquired land is a facility that the dealer has leased out, generating additional income.

All this was made possible through the design–build process that gave the client the insights and options that were needed before any construction investment was made. "I got way more for millions of dollars less than my original plan," Primm said.

Services include:

  • Project management
  • Site selection
  • Building design
  • Engineering
  • Schedule development and control
  • Cost monitoring and control
  • Subcontractor management
  • Field engineering and site management
  • Safety assurance
  • LEED certification
  • Project accounting
  • Change management
  • Quality control

Improved Quality and Controlled Costs

The design-build approach allows the owner, designer, and contractor to work together as one team.  As a design-build construction company, Renier develops construction budgets concurrently with the design, which expedites the timeframe and eliminates surprise cost overruns and change orders.

Faster Project Delivery

The entire process can be completed sooner, reducing administrative expenses and construction loan fees, allowing the doors to open for business sooner.

Reduced Risk with a Design-Build Construction Company

Through the design-build process, you can focus on running your business, knowing you're working with a team of professionals who are dedicated to your project from start to finish. This team collaboration understands your needs and creates single-source accountability resulting in successful project completion.

At Renier, the top priority is to maintain the integrity of the process...a process based on confidence, trust and customer satisfaction.

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