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Gilson Company Warehouse Addition

Gilson Company Warehouse Addition
Lewis Center, Ohio
Square Footage

Renier recently completed a 16,000 square foot addition for Gilson Company, Inc. in Lewis Center, Ohio. The addition included office space as well as much needed warehouse space to accommodate the growing business.

As Trent Smith, Gilson President & CEO, shared, “We’d been out of space for a number of years and business continues to grow. It was time to build. I didn’t know what to expect, or what to do first. I felt a little bit like a fish out of water and I was looking for someone who could help. I had heard about Renier from people that I trust - accountants, bankers, and attorneys. I heard their name multiple times. Renier was willing to work through challenges and was eager to take them on.”

The project took approximately 6 months to complete. Within that timeframe, Smith mentioned, “I didn’t have to make a ton of decisions – which is also great – I could focus on my business. Plus, our building was done on time and underbudget, which is fantastic.”

Renier worked with Gilson to determine if an expansion or a new build would be the most efficient use of space. Once an addition was agreed upon, Renier faced the challenge of preparing the land and ensuring stormwater was managed appropriately to ensure there weren’t future problems for the Gilson team.

“Renier was efficient in getting things done and getting them done the right way. Their eagerness to explore and solve issues at hand made a really big difference to me. Whereas other builders I had talked to, wanted to know exactly what I wanted. Renier made it easy.”