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Ricart Hyundai

Ricart Hyundai
Columbus, Ohio
Square Footage

Ricart Hyundai’s facility, located outside of Groveport, needed an update due to Hyundai’s image update program. This building is Ricart Hyundai’s primary service location, providing services to multiple vehicle brands and types. To continue providing exceptional service, it needed a lot of changes. Renier was called in to tackle this upgrade from top to bottom.

As part of the new look, the building had several large-scale improvements, including a brand new showroom, service drive, reception, and vehicle delivery area. With the jewel box showroom, customers can now see vehicles in a beautiful, light-filled setting that highlights the unique features each offers. Renovation of the administration offices and the addition of new firewalls were done while the Ricart Hyundai team was still open full-time, providing a unique challenge in ensuring client service was uninterrupted during construction.

Despite changes and additions during the project, Renier still completed every task on budget and on-time, with a total square footage around 52,000 square feet for this amazing refresh.