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MDK Motorsports

Pataskala, Ohio
Square Footage

Exterior renovations can be just the kind of refresh a building needs, especially when it means growth and branding refinements. Just as important are interior renovations, and in some cases, they are even more important! At MDK Motorsports, a major transformation was needed to keep the inside as up-to-date as the outside.

Located in Pataskala, OH, MDK Motorsports’ interior needed to be more presentable, refreshed, and have an efficient, workable flow. Renier worked together with the MDK team to develop a renovation that provided a driver’s lounge, multiple offices, space at the back of the building for roughly 15 vehicles at one time, and a racing simulator. These upgrades expanded the facility by 5,000 square feet into a brand new functional, working space.

True to form, Renier Custom was able to ensure that business and operations continued to hum along throughout the construction process for team MDK. The project took three months to complete and was right on schedule and stayed within the required budget. Renier Custom has continued working on the MDK Motorsports building to renovate as requested, keeping with our promise to always seek excellence with our clients.