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Germain Mazda Renovation and Expansion

Germain Mazda Renovation and Expansion
Columbus, Ohio
Square Footage

In nine short months, Renier Construction delivered a 7,414 square foot complete renovation and expansion for Germain Mazda on Morse Road. The facility, constructed by Renier in 2012, was updated and expanded to improve customer and associate experience while bringing the facility up to current brand image standards.

The transformation includes a massive nine-screen video monitor presenting the brand’s vehicles and features. The black, white, and wood interior renovations produce a modern industrial-chic look, while additionally being highlighted by large high-resolution backlit graphics.

There were some challenges that the team was able to overcome throughout this project. First, the team initiated and completed construction while the dealership was fully operational. Germain’s management and all members of the team were incredibly patient with the process and helpful throughout. Known for “business as usual” even during construction, Renier broke the construction up into four phases to ensure the daily business was impacted as little as possible for the Mazda team and their customers.

Second, the workable area of the job site was fairly small – especially when it came to maneuvering large construction equipment, teams of trade contractors, customers, and inventory. The team was able to showcase their ability to be nimble and extremely flexible for the sake of our customers’ business.

And finally, it’s worth noting that Renier finished this project during a worldwide pandemic (COVID-19). While following Federal, State, and CDC recommendations and guidelines, Renier was able to quickly adjust and meet the needs of their client and their client’s project. Delivering a project On-time. On-budget. Safe. Even during a Pandemic. #Integrity.