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Building Systems Transportation

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London, Ohio
Key Contact

"Renier Construction had just finished our logistics warehouse only five months after groundbreaking.

We were thrilled with their work, but there was one problem: business had gone so well during construction that we'd filled the 50,000 square foot warehouse before it was even completed. We had already made plans for a second phase, a 40,000 square foot addition, but its construction wasn't scheduled to start for another few years.

When we looked at our full warehouse and at our projections for the future we had to ask ourselves, 'what are we waiting on?' We decided to go ahead with the expansion immediately. And Renier was right there with us, working hand-in-glove.

They had Phase II of construction in full swing in a week. I have a lot of respect for Renier. They could have said 'we can't'-'that's not according to schedule, we'd need more time,' - but 'can't' isn't the way they work."

Jerry Alcott
Building Systems Transportation