C.Krueger's Finest Baked Goods

Square Footage
Pataskala, Ohio

Renier Construction completed C. Krueger’s Finest Baked Goods’ third location in Pataskala, Ohio. Their newest retail bakery and coffee shop is located within Albany Business Commons

“I’ve heard really good things about Renier. They have a great reputation,” says Cheryl Krueger, CEO and Founder of C. Krueger’s Finest Baked Goods.
“When they told us a date, they hit the date. Sometimes you can get a contractor that tells you a date just to get you off their back. Renier was very forthright with information; dates were realistic and fair.

“They were able to plan and schedule so there weren’t gaps in time when nothing was being done. As soon as something finished, the next team was in and starting what needed to be done. I was very impressed by all of the coordination,” Krueger continued.

With limited space of 1,600 square feet, Renier needed to maximize space and ensure all of the client needs and expectations were met. Add in a milk bar, store front and kitchen appliances - precision was imperative.  

“Renier was also great at helping us identify the right people to ensure they were qualified to do the work,” Krueger included. 

With the retail holiday season quickly approaching, the Renier team worked to prepare the space in just two short months. 

“Renier gets high marks because they helped us pick out a wood floor which we’re going to use throughout the rest of our stores. They also helped us with the layout of cabinetry – they made it sleeker and a better design. Overall, the quality of work was good. Renier made sure it was done right,” concluded Krueger.

Key Contact
Cheryl Krueger, CEO & Founder
C.Krueger's Finest Baked Goods