Square Footage
Westerville, Ohio

Renier recently helped Doctor Adetoro prepare space in Westerville for IntervalMed’s second location which will now serve as the main campus. The newest office is 2,178 square feet and took about 60 days of construction time. 

Renier finished out the office space, including three exam rooms, an employee lunch room, a call center and a conference room for patient meetings regarding concierge care. During the buildout, the team hit an unexpected hiccup. The building needed two HVAC systems and that wasn’t something that had been planned for – even still, Renier held to their project plan and budget and came in under the projected number. Doctor Adetoro said, “After I saw what had been done, I wasn’t concerned. I knew in the end, I was going to get the best. A great product.” 

“I found Renier Construction while I was looking for a good construction company in the medical space. I saw their website, the work they had done – it was remarkable. Within 24 hours of me reaching out, I was contacted. I was impressed. Renier was on point from the beginning.

We met often and the team was accessible at all times. Responsive down to a 30-minute window and this was consistent. Aside from communication, coordination was also notable. We had all of the team players in the first meeting, immediately. Onsite, the first visit. They were all there. Renier coordinated extremely well with the architect and city of Westerville to ensure we had necessary permits and could start the build. 

Doctor Adetoro said, “The construction took 60 days – it was extraordinary. The finished space is exactly what we were expecting. It’s beautiful. And if anyone asks what I think about Renier I say, “Absolutely!! Use them!”

Key Contact
Doctor Adetoro, MD