Renier Construction featured on Good Day Columbus for their design-build project with Buckeye Gymnastics
Renier built the second-largest Honda Dealership in the U.S. Richfield Bloomington Honda in Minneapolis is a three story, 165,000 square foot facility.
Airport & Community Officials help MPW & Renier Break Ground on new Private Hangar
Renier Construction has been named a Best Place to Work!
Renier breaks ground at Germain Jaguar Land Rover dealership. To be one of the state’s larger locations at 32,000 square feet and feature a state of the art full sales and service facility

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Renier Blueprint: September 2020 Newsletter


The Renier Blueprint
A Quarterly E-Newsletter, September 2020

We’re still Fielding Our Team
The Big 10 might not have a season to play but we have a construction season to finish and clients to keep happy. We’re planning, working, and completing projects in the safest way possible. Read more in this edition to learn how we stay true to our promises – even during this challenging time.

Renier: On-time. On-budget. Safe. Even during a Pandemic. #Integrity

Dayton Freight – Lebanon (Nashville)

Renier Construction has completed a brand-new facility for Dayton Freight Lines, Inc. The state-of-the-art building is the new home of their Nashville Service Center and will better accommodate their Tennessee customers.
Built on a 36.5-acre lot, Renier was able to more than quadrupled the size of their previous location and add a maintenance facility as well. The 76-door facility includes 4 maintenance bays and is approximately 75,000 square feet.

This project was a "blast" for real - No, Seriously!: 
This project had its own challenges prior to the project start. The entire job site is sitting on solid fossiliferous limestone, basically, clay and limestone that is so old it has become fossilized. This fossiliferous limestone is almost the same hardness as granite, and there is only 1” to 6” maximum of topsoil on the surface. Renier hired a blasting contractor to create a workable site for proper excavation. All of the blasts were at a minimum of 8 ft. deep, and the “blast swells” (aka rock piles) reach nearly 12 ft. in height. In all, the property required blasting of over 200,000 cubic yards of rock. That a lot of blasting! You can watch one of the blasts here.

There’s no place like home:
During the thick of the build for this project, a small but deadly outbreak of bad weather hit the middle and west side of Tennessee. March 2nd and 3rd of 2020, Davidson, Wilson and Smith counties were hit with an EF3-4 tornado. That meant the area was struck with winds up to 175 mph during the 34-hour event.
We were lucky there was not a significant amount of damage to the actual jobsite compared to many parts of the state. However, the repercussions of it for subcontractors and areas businesses certainly impacted the project. It was the 6th costliest tornado in US history – total damage reached 1.61 billion. Here is a video to show some of the storm’s destruction in the area.
It’s how one handles challenge, that makes all the difference:
Not even the greatest Design-Build teams could have predicted the storms that hit Tennessee. And certainly not a pandemic! Once again, the Renier team showcased their ability to build a sound facility, in almost any location, at any time of year and throughout some of Mother Nature’s most wild challenges. The Renier team banded together, determined to finish the project that they had started, and sailed through rough, unchartered waters to complete this impressive build in approximately one year.
View the project on our website here.

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Photos of Akron Agora and Boot Scootin' Facility Transition to Cascade Audi's Service Center

We’ve told you a lot about the amazing transformation of this well-known building. (You can find a refresher here and here.) We are excited to share some final photos of the finished space.


Mercedes of Easton

Pictured: Mark Squires, RSI Metal Building Services Project Manager, & Foreman and Ted Dulay, Project Manager for Renier Custom Construction, are installing the iconic Mercedes star, as a final touch. We HAD to share Mark striking a pose. 

Renier Construction and Germain Mercedes-Benz of Easton just wrapped a five-month renovation of the dealership’s customer lounge and service advisor area. Germain came to Renier with the desire to enhance their customer and associate experience while in these specific areas of their location.

The total renovation was 7,300 square feet and includes ACM brand walls that extend from the lower level into the showroom above.

The project was not without challenges. The lower level of this dealership is where the service area and customer lounge areas are located and connecting the lower and upper levels is a large open staircase. Because Renier prides itself on “business as usual” even during construction, a solution was needed to contain dust and noise pollution. Renier used a SwiftWall system to create a temporary barrier around the stair opening. A large mural of the renderings for the projects was applied to the barrier to help with an explanation of the work being done.

The project finished during the COVID-19 Pandemic lock-down. While following Federal, State, and CDC recommendations and guidelines, Renier was able to quickly adjust and meet the needs of their client and their client’s project. They also helped to obtain and install plexiglass barriers and specialized door hardware for the restrooms to allow for an exit without the need to grab a handle, ensuring safety for all who enter the dealership.
Read more about this project and view project photos here.

Company News 
Mark Squires: 35 years of Dedicated Service

Mark Squires joined the Renier Construction team in August of 1985. We are excited to celebrate him and his 35 years of dedicated service. Mark works for Renier's sister company, RSI Metal Building Services, where he is a Project Manager and Foreman. His work covers a very large scope of responsibilities and includes everything from installing foundations to roofing, from steel erection to ACM installation.

What Mark won't tell you is that he also prepares estimates of project costs as well as managing & maintaining all of the Renier and RSI vehicles and equipment. Mark is a man that wears many hats and we are so grateful to have him on our team!

Mark resides in Lancaster with his wife Cyndi. They will celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary in October. (1985 was a good year...) Mark and Cyndi met in 1984 at The Gold Rush. Fun fact: Renier demolished that building to build part of the original Germain's Toyota dealership!

Here's how Mark tells the story of meeting his bride, "I believe it was all meant to be. Cyndi actually went to The Gold Rush that night with another guy. His car broke down in the parking lot before they made it inside. They were meeting another couple there so she went ahead and went in with them. She was on the dance floor, our eyes met and it’s all history from there!"

Congratulations, Mark! On 35 years of marriage and 35 years of dedicated service to Renier. Thank you! We appreciate you and your loyalty.

RSI Metal Building Services, a sister company of Renier Construction, is a regionally recognized construction contractor and subcontractor serving the Midwest from its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. The RSI team typically serves in one of two roles, either as a subcontractor for individual services or as a general contractor for large multi-faceted projects. Known for their extensive experience and efficient process, the RSI team is able to consistently, accurately, and professionally complete projects within defined timeframes.

Handling anything from structural steel and pre-engineered new build projects, renovations and retrofits to metal roofing and reroofing projects – not to mention ACM installation and a number of maintenance services… Let’s just say, they stay very busy!

Renier Office Refresh: Officially Wrapped

In our last newsletter, we mentioned that we would share photos of the finished space. We thought we’d do one better. Here are photos to really show the transition from old to new!

Featured Video
Ride along with Bill Heifner in his most recent race at Mid-Ohio Grand Prix 2020.

Hold on!!
“We’d been out of space for a number of years and business continues to grow. It was time to build. I didn’t know what to expect, or what to do first. I felt a little bit like a fish out of water and I was looking for someone who could help.
I had heard about Renier from people that I trust - accountants, bankers, attorneys. I heard their name multiple times. Renier was willing to work through challenges and was eager to take them on.
I didn’t have to make a ton of decisions – which is also great – I could focus on my business. Plus, our building was done on time and under budget, which is fantastic.
Renier was efficient in getting things done and getting them done the right way. Their eagerness to explore and solve issues at hand made a really big difference to me. Whereas other builders I had talked to, wanted to know exactly what I wanted. Renier made it easy.”
Trent Smith,
President & CEO,
Gilson Company, Inc.


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