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Renier built the second-largest Honda Dealership in the U.S. Richfield Bloomington Honda in Minneapolis is a three story, 165,000 square foot facility.
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Renier breaks ground at Germain Jaguar Land Rover dealership. To be one of the state’s larger locations at 32,000 square feet and feature a state of the art full sales and service facility

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Renier Blueprint: March 2019 Newsletter

The Renier Blueprint
A Quarterly E-Newsletter, March 2019
Featured Project: Germain Jaguar Land Rover of Easton
Animal Wrangler, Kyle Prince, inspecting Renier's most recent completed project: Jaguar Land Rover dealership.

Renier recently completed Germain Motor Company’s fifth dealership located within Easton Town Center, and their first Jaguar Land Rover dealership.

Renier Construction and Germain Motor Company have been partners since 1986; the dealership will be the 10th project Renier has built for Germain. Steve Germain says, “We’re pleased to add these brands to our Easton retail complex and continue our business partnership with Renier Construction.”

Located at the front door to Easton on Morse Road, the Jaguar Land Rover dealership is one of the state’s larger locations at 32,000 square feet. Features include a state-of-the-art full sales and service facility with a ten-car showroom, two new car delivery bays, ten car service reception, fifteen service bays, two detail bays and five electric vehicle charging stations.

Through Renier’s design-build process, Architectural Alliance designed the new dealership to incorporate the fresh Jaguar and Land Rover image program, called Arch. With over 24,000 square feet of specialty ceramic tile installed, none of which was to be cut, the project required frequent design review & coordination with subcontractors. Not to mention the fact that the dealership meets the highest energy efficiency levels in every aspect of the building.

“Renier is proud of our relationship with Germain Motor Company and the work that is a result of that relationship,” states Bill Heifner, Renier Construction’s President. “This dealership is a terrific addition to the area and will offer their customers one of the finest full sales and service locations.”

View project photos here.
Hopkins Printing Expanding









Hopkins Printing has expanded! Renier built the original Hopkins location in 2000 and was tasked with adding a warehouse expansion onto the facility to accommodate increasing customer demand. Both the original facility, as well as this expansion, were built with the possibility for future growth in mind.  

The addition was completed while the business remained open and completely able to serve their customers so there was no disruption of services. Additionally, all construction was coordinated around shipping and receiving schedules to avoid any interference with logistics. 

Renier matched the original building design aesthetics to ensure the addition blends seamlessly. The warehouse expansion features both precast concrete and metal walls to serve the client’s needs. The current addition increased the square footage by 33,600 sq. ft., bringing the location total to 108,280 sq. ft. This new space allowed for a nearly 40% increase in storage capacity and improved digital production areas.


Crown Mercedes-Benz Relies on Renier






When Crown Automotive Group knew the time had come to update the Crown Mercedes-Benz dealership in Dublin, Renier was their first call. Renier Construction has been working with the Crown group of dealerships since 2002.

This renovation included incorporating the new Mercedes Benz image upgrade program, Autohaus 2, as well as an addition & expansion of nearly 7,000 sq. ft., increasing the dealership size to over 25,000 sq. ft.  While the new image program was developed with enhancing the entire customer experience in mind, the expansion also provided an increase in showroom space, an enlarged service drive & write up area for the arriving customers, and ten additional service bays.

New energy efficient LED lighting was also included throughout the showroom and service areas, meeting the highest levels of efficient for today’s standards. Additionally, Renier upgraded the entire onsite storm water storage system to comply with the City of Dublin’s storm water runoff standards.

The expansion & renovation was finished in a highly condensed time frame to meet the manufacturer’s end of calendar year completion deadline. 

See the completed dealership photos here.
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Neal Bronder, Vice President & CEO:
An incredible man of service

Q: What is the Greater Hilltop Area Commission?
A: The City of Columbus has twenty (20) Neighborhood Commissions to act as liaison between neighborhood groups, property owners, residents, developers and city officials. The Greater Hilltop Area Commissions is one of first area commissions established in the city in the early 1970's. The Greater Hilltop Area is bound by I-270 on the west and south, I-70 on the north and the railroad tracks along Three C Highway on the east.

We act in an advisory capacity to provide voluntary citizen participation in the city’s decision-making process. This process was enhanced by the establishment of the city’s Department of Neighborhoods in 2016. Each commission has a staff person representing the mayor at its meetings.
Q: How/why did you become involved with the commission?
A: I volunteered to serve on the commission because I believe every citizen should do pubic service.
Q: How long have you worked with the Greater Hilltop Area Commission?
A: Most members of the commission are elected at Hilltop’s Annual Bean Dinner in June. I was appointed to fill an open seat. I am halfway through a three-year term. The Hilltop’s Bean Dinner is a community wide event reminiscent of the Civil War Veteran gatherings at the old Camp Chase located on the Hilltop. It is the oldest community event in Columbus.

Q: What do you do? / How do you serve?
  • As a member of the Commission I attend the monthly commission meeting and vote on issues that come before the Commission.
  • I serve as the chairman of the Recreation and Parks Committee. We hold monthly Parks meetings, and conduct “Walk Thru” inspections of the Hilltops’ sixteen parks and four Community/Recreation Centers.
  • I am the assistant chairman of the Zoning Committee. I attend monthly Zoning Meetings to hear and vote on applications for zoning variance. I also visit the sites of any major variance requests. I review requests for demolition permits on the Hilltop.
  • The Hilltop is in the process of developing a new community plan. I attend the monthly public meetings and workshops to develop the new plan. The duration of the public phase of this process is eight months that will wrap up in May of this year.
  • I also represent the Hilltop in the C2P2 Columbus Planning Process for the Hilltop. This Planning process is to update the guiding principles for building design and land use policies on the Hilltop with emphasis on the West Broad Street and Sullivant Avenue corridors.
  • Additionally, I also attend training workshops for area commissioners and training on the Columbus Zoning Code.
Q: Has anything wild, shocking or funny happened while serving?
A: In the Greater Hilltop Area we are on the front line of many of the social issues facing our county and our city such as opioid addiction, homelessness, human trafficking, gang violence and domestic violence. We have officers from the local police precincts and fire department attend our meetings and update us on these issues. One of the police sergeants reported on a recent call that he ran. A victim had over dosed on the front porch of his house with opium. His girlfriend hysterically requested the officer to administer Narcan.  He explained that he did not carry Narcan with him. She said she had some but was saving it for herself for later that night. The victim died on the porch. The job of improving our community is overwhelming at times and is a long road to walk, but I am amazed every month at how many people work so hard and give of their time, efforts, and energy in working towards the goal of making our community a better place to live and to raise a family.
Q: What other organizations are you involved with on a regular basis?
  • I am vice president of our church council at Abundant Life Lutheran Church.
  • I have volunteered and supported The Boy Scouts of America for over 50 years.
  • I volunteer at and support the YWCA Family Shelter, and the Hilliard Food Pantry.
  • I support the efforts of Water Missions International in providing safe drinking water to people in need around the world.
Q: What is your secret talent that no one knows about?
If I divulged my super powers they wouldn’t be secret anymore. I listen and understand. I can talk with seniors and see and know what they were like when they were fresh, vibrant and active young people with their lives ahead of them just like in the Twilight Zone “Kick the Can” episode.
Featured Video
Watch the Jaguar Land Rover of Easton dealership go from ground up to completion in less than 90 seconds! Renier Construction built this stunning dealership located in Columbus, OH on Morse Road at the edge of Easton Town Center. This is the newest addition to the Germain Motor Company family of dealerships. For more photographs of this magnificent facility check out


"They kept things on-time and served as our advocate…

We went to Renier with the need to expand our presence in Central Ohio and what Renier delivered for Middlefield Bank is excellent.

We partnered with Renier again because of the relationships we’ve built with their ownership and management team. Not to mention, they have a very good process. Communication is key. The methodology that Renier uses in managing their projects has been critical. It bridges a big gap which resulted with the project coming in at budget.”

Charles Moore, President Central Ohio Region,
The Middlefield Banking Company


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