Integrating Safety with Company Culture

At Renier Construction, we pride ourselves on putting safety at the forefront of each and every project. Because we are a company built on integrity, Renier’s executive team has made the safety of all employees the highest priority. Our company’s safety efforts are led by Kevin Kenney, Renier’s on-staff safety officer. As commercial contractors, Renier teams work with subcontractors, who are held to the same high safety standards. Kenney spends the majority of his time on job sites ensuring that all of our employees, subcontractors, project managers and on-site superintendents are aware of and abide by Renier’s safety guidelines.

Components of Renier’s safety program include:

  • A comprehensive vetting process for all subcontractors
  • Requiring all subcontractors to provide specific safety plans for workers
  • All superintendents and project managers have completed an OSHA 10 course
  • Frequent reviews of site-specific safety issues
  • Frequent job site safety audits
  • Frequent safety sessions in house for project managers, superintendents and RSI personnel
  • Drug Free Workplace training
  • Mandatory training for First Aid and CPR, including a renewal certification, for every Renier employee

Additionally, we require that subcontractors and all of their employees attend an orientation session on the first day on the job site to review safety protocol:

  • Emergency plans
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Locations of nearest medical facilities
  • Communication with building owners (if site is active)
  • Tool Box Talks to discuss ongoing activities at job sites


Reiner Construction Commercial Contractors Safety Helmet

We take great pride in our safety efforts and have been recognized with multiple awards including:

  • Safety Council of Greater Columbus and OBWC
    • 100% Outstanding Safety Performance
    • 100% Preventing Accidents & Injuries 2010-2018
  • Renier job sites have been accident-free for 10 years
  • Current Experience Modification Rate of 0.48


Renier Services, Inc. and Renier Construction Corporation both received an award from the Safety Council of Greater Columbus for our perfect safety records in our work as commercial contractors on design-build projects for retail, commercial and industrial applications.

Renier is proud to be a Platinum Level participant in the OSHA National Safety Stand Down to Prevent Falls in Construction Program.